The Westside philosophy is quite simple: modern medical care in a friendly and compassionate environment.

You won't find a more friendly, caring set of people than those at Westside Animal Hospital. We love pets, and we're here because we want to be. Pet care is our passion.

The Westside veterinarians really get involved with their patients and their owners. They constantly work at keeping current with the latest medical trends and advances. Although their primary focus is on medical, surgical, and wellness care, they don't lose sight of the "big picture." You can regularly find our doctors simply walking through our boarding areas talking to a dog or petting a kitten.

Our support staff includes two dedicated registered veterinary technicians, and they are an important lifeline with your pet's care. They are highly trained to treat and monitor a variety of patient needs, and they work closely with your pet's doctor to ensure premium care. They are specifically assigned to our ICU and treatment areas, and they provide constant monitoring of patients.

Our awesome receptionists and support staff will help ensure that you are welcomed and that you feel at ease at Westside. There are many visible and behind-the-scenes tasks that a large veterinary hospital staff must manage, and the Westside support staff really shines. Again, they're here because they love what they do!